BoomBlox: Explodierende Blöcke von Spielberg & Castle
Louis Castle verriet auf der GDC 2008 Details zur Entstehung des Wii-Titels


Gameswelt - 88%

Ob es nun tatsächlich an Steven Spielberg liegt oder nicht: ’Boom Blox’ ist ein echter Überraschungshit geworden. Die Knobelei ist herrlich simpel in der Grundidee, bietet aber zugleich enorm viel Tiefe. So müssen Puzzle-Klassiker sein. Zugegeben, nicht jede Zusatzmission ist so spaßig wie die Hauptlevels und beim Online-Tauschbereich des Editors besteht noch Nachholbedarf. Doch diese Mankos werden durch den Spielspaß – egal ob bei Solospielern oder Party-Anhängern – mehr als wettgemacht. Das Gespür für familienfreundliche Unterhaltung, die Kreativität und die hohen Qualitätsansprüche eines Steven Spielberg sind auf jeden Fall in ’Boom Blox’ wiederzufinden. Kaufen!

IGN - 8.1 von 10 Punkten
Boom Blox is one of freshest and most enjoyable puzzle games you can this generation and it is an especially good multiplayer title. EA has really capitalized on the Wii remote to give you pinpoint accuracy as you make throws with real, calculated velocity -- throws that interact with block formations encased in genuine physics. You will find the single-player offering robust and varied, but the multiplayer mode -- compatible for up to four gamers -- is tantamount to crack cocaine in its ability to addict. And while there are hundreds of levels to keep you busy, there's also a full-blown stage creator that works hand-in-hand with WiiConnect24.

All of that said, Boom Blox has a few shortcomings, too. First and immediately noticeable, it's not the prettiest Wii game on the market. While there are a variety of different stage themes and characters, the visuals have a muddier look to them than I would like. Meanwhile, Wii's horsepower inadequately furnishes the physics system powering EA's puzzler and as a result stages with intense physics calculations will slow down, which is disappointing. And although the title really makes great use of WiiConnect24, there's no online mode to speak of, an oversight as far as I'm concerned.

Still, if you're looking for a game you can play with friends and family - - one that everybody will be able to pick up and enjoy in a matter of minutes -- look no further than EA Boom Blox. It's a fun puzzler and also a game that really puts Nintendo's controller to great use.

G4TV - 5 von 5 Sternen
With minimalist style, some gamers may be turned off by the bright colors and the lack of complicated extras. Spielberg serves up a whole package, from a challenging single player campaign to a fun and fast multiplayer option. Boom Blox delivers so much content, that it would be hard not to find something to love in this title. Give it a try. What looks to be rather simple is actually complex and will keep you playing for hours. With some many third party titles dropping the ball, it’s amazing to see someone get the idea behind the success of the Wii so right.


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